Rubberxhead Fanzine #06


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56 Seiten A5.

Band Interviews in Englisch:
Eat My Fear (queer edge, Berlin)
XbreakoutX (straight edge, Lyon)

Artikel auf Deutsch:
@punk_too about sexism in Punk
D.i.die booking about extreme flinta and BIPoC bands
Annemiau with graffiti
Fauchkrampf Music Agency – a music agency for angry feminists
Punk and Politics in Myanmar
David Lebuser about ableism at HC/Punk shows

Other stuff in German by/about:
Rose Rage

Black Cat Tapes
Youth Authority Records
Bitter Verses
Las Calles (in englisch)

4 pages Zine Reviews in German.
Featuring my zine friends ?

Record Reviews in German
@disgustingnews @gelhc @oldcityphl @weare.clayton and many more!

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